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Next Generation

MPLOYMNT is a next-generation recruitment platform that will improve the user experience for both employers and employees. Our advanced AI and machine learning technology aims to counteract the built-in biases and discrimination in modern recruitment AI.

Mitigating the Flaws

Why are so many qualified people applying to jobs without success, while many companies complain that they cannot find the right talent? Algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) are conquering the recruitment field, and the leading job platforms are deploying the technology with mixed results.

The role of AI is not about rejecting candidates, but screening-in the right people. Although, many in the recruitment field know that this technology is rejecting qualified applicants and discriminating against certain candidates.

MPLOYMNT’s recruitment platform aims to remove the inherent flaws in job hunting with its next generation AI and machine learning technology.

Mr. Phil Yu Zhang, CEO of Mploymnt

Meet the Founder

Mr. Phil Yu Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Phil is the CFO and Strategy leader for a leading Asian online recruiting platform. His has decades of experience in leading and managing fast growing technology ventures, as well as the ability to build and train effective teams. Phil completed a Bachelor of Arts in Information Engineering.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
– Milton Berle